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PNWH2 Appoints Chris Green as President

PNWH2 Appoints Chris Green as President

Photo of PNWH2 President, Chris Green

The Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association (PNWH2), a multi-state nonprofit coalition focused on creating a robust network of clean hydrogen suppliers and end-users in the Pacific Northwest, today announced Chris Green as its first president.

Green will be responsible for executing on PNWH2’s vision to create a clean hydrogen ecosystem across Washington, Oregon and Montana in partnership with labor, Tribal Nations, and public and private sectors. Green will lead the hydrogen hub as it kicks off Phase 1, which encompasses detailed project planning in collaboration with the Department of Energy (DOE) to ensure that the overall concept and proposed projects are technologically, financially, and legally viable, with buy-in from regional and partner tribes and local stakeholders, including labor and environmental groups.

“The PNWH2 has a fantastic group of leaders assembled to push forward development of the new hydrogen value chain, which is integral to our shared goal of continuing to provide clean energy resources for the decarbonized parts of our communities and transportation systems,” said Green. “I’m looking forward to leading this effort and continuing to provide support for the work that has already been accomplished alongside other companies, labor, tribal and community leaders, and the Department of Energy to achieve market liftoff for this important product that will further enable our decarbonization goals.”

With more than two decades of legislative and economic development expertise, Green is uniquely prepared to propel the Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association as a national clean energy leader. Green comes from the Washington State Department of Commerce, where he served as assistant director for the Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness and was instrumental in establishing PNWH2. While in that role, he helped launch the Association, coordinate the formation of the board, and secure a $1 billion federal grant from the DOE and $5 billion in non-federal capital investment from hydrogen projects throughout Washington, Oregon, and Montana. As part of this new role, Green will transition from PNWH2 board chair, a position he has held since March 2023.

“Bold climate actions require bold leadership, and I’m thrilled to have Chris Green guiding us in this pivotal moment,” said Janine Benner, director of Oregon Department of Energy and vice chair of PNWH2’s Board of Directors. “Under Chris’ direction, the Pacific Northwest is well-positioned to serve as a national model for economically viable clean hydrogen production.”

PNWH2 is one of seven entities selected for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Program, funded through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. PNWH2 will accelerate deployment of hydrogen infrastructure to attract greater investment and promote quality jobs with a strong focus on social equity and environmental justice as guiding principles. The Pacific Northwest’s abundant low-carbon power and environmentally focused state policies, combined with strong community benefits programs and federal incentives, uniquely position the Association to enable a commercially viable ecosystem more quickly than regions with fossil-energy-dependent power grids.

  • Patty Murray, U.S. Senator (D-WA): “The Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association is poised to play a leading role in growing America’s green hydrogen economy, and I’m excited to see Chris Green take the helm as PNWH2’s first president. I was proud to help pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that created the Hydrogen Hubs program and to help secure a Regional Hub in the Pacific Northwest—I look forward to continuing to support PNWH2’s work to speed the deployment of commercially viable clean hydrogen to meet our climate goals, reduce pollution, and strengthen our economy.”
  • Jeff Merkley, U.S. Senator (D-OR): “Investments in hydrogen have the potential to reduce emissions from the most difficult to decarbonize sectors. The Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association (PNWH2) is going to be the cleanest hydrogen hub in the country, and the selection of its first president is an important step in showing the rest of the United States and world that, when done right, hydrogen can help us solve hard problems and decarbonize sectors of the economy.”
  • April Sims, president, Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO: “The Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association’s commitment to creating quality, living wage jobs at all levels, supported by training and development programs, will be transformational for communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. I’m excited to see Chris Green continue his leadership of this important organization.”
  • George Bailey, CEO, St. Regis Solar Hydrogen (Montana): “St. Regis Solar Hydrogen applauds the Board’s selection of Chris Green as president. Chris has been a foundational member and has the ability to lead our diverse group into a bright future. He has been a strong supporter of the smallest to the largest projects and has an excellent grasp of what we can accomplish by working together as a team.”