Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association

Where opportunity meets know-how.

A circular, cooperative approach to hydrogen research and commercialization.

The Pacific Northwest Regional Hydrogen Hub (PNWH2 Hub) is a collective of representatives from the private sector, government, academic, research and philanthropic communities. Our goal is to create a hydrogen center of excellence to develop and bring to market new solutions that can help us meet the nation’s clean energy goals. PNWH2 is focused on the full lifecycle of hydrogen’s potential, from research to operation with a keen eye on social equity and environmental justice as guiding principles.


Finding innovative ways to scale production and adoption to tackle climate change.

Consensus Building

Building consensus across industries to leverage joint opportunities.


Clear goal setting to ensure that key objectives are met across industries.


Open and transparent communication with key stakeholders.

“Washington can now lead the nation in demonstrating how to decarbonize the hardest-to-reach parts of the economy, such as heavy transportation, aviation, maritime, and industrial operations with green electrolytic hydrogen and our incredible renewable electricity resources.”

Jay Inslee, Governor

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