Establishing a national benchmark for clean hydrogen production.

The Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association (PNWH2) is creating a clean hydrogen ecosystem across the Pacific Northwest to improve the lives and futures of people throughout the region.

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Creating a clean, robust hydrogen ecosystem — for today and tomorrow.

The Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association’s robust network of clean, renewable hydrogen suppliers and end-users is focused on some of the hardest-to-decarbonize sectors important to our region’s economy, such as heavy-duty transportation, port operations, agriculture and industrial operations.

As the only regional hydrogen hub 100% committed to producing green hydrogen, the Pacific Northwest’s abundant low-carbon power and environmentally focused state policies create fertile ground for a commercially viable hydrogen energy ecosystem with strong community benefits and impacts felt far and wide.


Committed to positive community outcomes.

The PNWH2 Hub aims to benefit communities by using successful approaches developed in the Pacific Northwest to advance equity and environmental justice, leveraging the Hub’s existing relationships with labor, Tribal Nations, and the public and private sectors to achieve meaningful partnerships.

Consistent with the Biden-Harris Administration’s Justice40 initiative, we will continue to engage communities to define and quantify benefits, avoid disproportionate burdens, and closely track and adjust if necessary to ensure that at least 40% of benefits flow to disadvantaged communities.

The PNWH2 Hub will create economic opportunity across all demographics, creating or supporting more than 10,000 good-paying jobs, improving energy security and resilience, and decreasing environmental burdens in disadvantaged communities, such as local air pollution and environmental exposure.

Learning and Listening

Engaging with communities to develop meaningful partnerships is critical to the ongoing success of the PNWH2 Hub.


A Shared Vision.

Our partners span government agencies, higher education institutions, utilities, ports and many private corporations—all with a common goal of building a commercially viable hydrogen hub in the Pacific Northwest.


Bringing environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions.

State policy in the Pacific Northwest already requires bold climate and clean energy transformation – PNWH2’s projects align with these mandates and will help clean up key sectors of the regional economy to deliver a shared vision of clean and equitable energy systems in the Pacific Northwest.

The PNWH2 Hub’s projects will produce electrolytic hydrogen from the region’s abundant and growing renewable electricity and non-stressed water sources – bringing environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions to market. When combined with increased renewable energy deployment throughout the Pacific Northwest, PNWH2 will aid in achieving the federal goal of a carbon-free electric grid by 2035 and a net-zero emissions economy by 2050.


Recent Updates

Here’s where you’ll find news about the PNWH2 Hub, interesting happenings in the hydrogen industry, and insight into our community outreach and engagement projects.